A new job

Starting October 1-st I will start working full-time at the Onderwijscentrum VU of the department of Psychology and Pedagogy of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. I will retreat from the daily burden of managing and advising regarding all kinds of e-learning systems of the VU such as Questionmark Perception, The Digital Exam hall, Streaming Video, Google apps, LTI-stuff. I will take a position as a trainer, teacher and advisor for VU University and external clients.

October 1-st marks the end of a long and fruitful 15 years of work of the ‘old’ ICT-Onderwijscentrum, the ‘old’ Onderwijscentrum VU and the team of Educational Advisors of the Library of the VU University. From  approximately 1999 onwards, a team varying in size and composition of about 5-12 people worked hard on projects aimed at raising the quality of education at the Vrije Universiteit. A large number of projects with individual teachers and with whole departments and institutionalizing systems for large scale use were accomplished. See for example here ohere.

I thank all my colleagues (not in any particular order) for many years of innovation and fine work. I hope to meet them on the VU Campus or on other occasions.

Daniel Drittij, Gerdien Jansen, Inge Wijts, Janneke van der Hulst, Joris van Kampen, Judith Kaandorp, Marthe van der Maat-Cupido, Michel Jansen, Patris van Boxel, Petra Fischer, Rob van Leeuwen, Sanne Meeder, Siema Ramdas, Thea van Lankveld, Alfred Hartoog, Barbara Allart, Carmen Peters, Ed Boscchaart, Evie Goossen, Gert-Jan Los, Hanna Kuijs, Hanne ten Berge, Hester Radstake, Ingrid van den Oord, Ingrid Spoelstra, Janke Poortinga, Johan Oomen, Linda Mebus, Liora Groen, Natascha Lubberding, Petra Wentzel, Pieter Groen, Rick de Graaf, Sander Steeman, Sytze Boschma, Victor Maijer

But first, tomorrow September 30, we will celebrate our ‘final day’ with some good food and a lot of drinks, some swearing and singing …


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