Essay Marking with Blackboard, Canvas Instructure and Turnitin

June 5th, I will present some stuff concerning the use of Blackboard and Canvas Instructure for marking of open-ended questions using Rubrics and other features. I think that the process  that student assignments are submitted, marked, annotated with feedback, returned and archived, will be one of the major developments in the upcoming 5 years in relation to e-learning. Both in terms of software development, but also in view of policy development in HE. Students simply expect that institutions for HE have this process institution wide implemented with the same level of quality in terms of timing and quality of feedback over multiple courses and faculty – in particualr, because it is just possible !

To see the progress that VLE and ofther software developers have made to improve the process of submitting, grading and providing feedback to written work, check out the short list below.

Making and using Rubrics in Blackboard

Scoring open-ended questions – also anonymously – in Blackboard

Canvas Instructure is on its way too

And do not forget Turnitin

Other information sources – policy related

More help from Blackboard

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