>The hunt for Assessment Software

>Last week I was confronted with the problem that maybe we had to be able to test students on stand-alone laptops with no internet or LAN connection. The idea was that we could distribute the assessment on a USB stick, have the students take the exam and then retrieve the exam results from that stick.

For this I thought our regular assessment software would be suitable (being Questionmark Perception, using the Off-line Questionmark To Go solution). However, it was not suitable because the enduser needs to install the player software on his own laptop and the results are then stored encrypted on that laptop. So there is no way to retrieve it from the stick.

Then I found out that I could use MojoPac to establish a virtual desktop on a USB stick. This allows one to install complete, self-running programs on the stick. So I could install Questionmark To Go player on the stick and then I would be able to retrieve the results. This did not work however because the MojoPac software is not suitable to have the extra components like .dotnet installed and therefor no Questionmark To Go player.

Ok, after reviewing various other options (SunRav TestOffice Pro, eInstruction ExamView) I found out that I could use Avid TestDesk to do the thing that I want. But aha, when I want to run the Tester Application to run the test, the software says it cannot procees because the Microsoft GDI+ Library cannot be found. I’m now looking into this issue, but I’m afraid I cannot work this one out either. …

If you are interested I will tell you exactly what I did.

Other low-fi but really flashy quiz tools that I sometimes explore are Wondershare Quiz Creator, iSpring Presenter, and Articulate Quizmaker.


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